I am a maiden, cold and stately.
I think I am sufficiently decayed.
I am the very model of a modern Major-General.
I am a Pirate King!
I am the monarch of the sea, the ruler of the Queen's Navee.
I am the Captain of the Pinafore, and a right good captain, too.
I am right, and you are right, and all is right as right can be.
I am in reasonable health, and happy to meet you all once more.
I'm a genuine philanthropist — all other kinds are sham.
I am a little boy of five!
I am a courtier grave and serious, who is about to kiss your hand.
I am an orphan boy.
I am a very deaf old man, and hear you very badly.
~ Tuesday, May 1 ~


Sometimes I find myself wondering who is more adorable, him or his Marshall Erikson role…

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~ Thursday, November 17 ~
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~ Monday, May 23 ~

This looks like a fine, adorable romantic comedy with two very appealing actors. And there is nothing else you need know about it before watching the trailer.

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